Who’s behind the whispers?

God doesn’t need to demonstrate that He is God… He just is…


Life is complicated… Actually, it’s not. We choose to believe it’s complicated because it’s easier to put off doing the right thing. What is the right thing? Well, it’s all relative. If you haven’t done laundry in two weeks… well, the right thing is to do your laundry! Don’t watch another episode of Grey’s Anatomy! Get up and wash some clothes! Your floor will thank you. Alternatively, if you went grocery shopping and the checkout attendant accidentally forgot to scan the items in the underneath rack of your cart and you don’t realize it until you get to your car — go back inside! Be honest and pay for all of your groceries. Obviously, the second scenario is ethical, whereas the first is more of a personal/moral nature. That doesn’t mean that a tiny voice inside of you isn’t trying desperately to communicate with you in both situations. Some people refer to this tiny voice as your conscience — I choose to believe that it is God via the Holy Spirit (and yes, God even cares about whether or not you’re avoiding doing your laundry).

So much of our lives has been a whirlwind the last few years. My amazing husband, Ernesto Cantu, and I got married in July of 2012 and it’s all been a blur since! Ok, maybe not, but life’s been pretty wild… Here’s the short version (from after getting married – before marriage = a whole nother post!): wedding in 2012, pregnancy almost immediately (whoops! happy surprise), miscarriage at 10 weeks, became pregnant again two months later, gave birth October 2013 to Miss Elaina, all the while moving from Pikeville, KY to Lawrenceburg, IN to Ronceverte, WV — following Ernesto’s medical school / internship / residency journey (oh there will be more blog posts on that, I promise), and most recently we moved to Aurora, IL, where I became pregnant with our second little one, Mr. Marcus, in June of 2015 and gave birth to  him in March of 2016. So, that was an incredibly long, and probably horribly structured run-on sentence, but I think you get the general idea. A lot has happened in our lives since getting married 4.5 years ago. A “storm” of sorts. But it has led us to this beautiful place in our lives. And I wouldn’t have it any other way…

Why did we name our blog “Whispers After The Storm”? We discussed wanting to start a blog about our lives in Christ, but Ernesto is much more familiar with scripture than I am and he told me about a story involving the prophet Elijah. In Chapter 19 of 1 Kings, Elijah was lost and destitute and had given up, even begging for God to take his life. He had taken refuge in a cave when an angel came and spoke to him, telling him that God was coming and to go see him. While waiting for God, a storm passed, then there was an earthquake, then a fire, but God was in none of these things. Then came a quiet whisper, speaking words of guidance to Elijah.

We all need to learn to listen to those quiet whispers… and I intend to share with you whatever wisdom God sees fit to bestow upon me.

In this blog, I will share my family’s faith and journey with Christ. There will be highs, lows, and many, many lessons learned. We would love it if you would join us in counting our blessings every day, in finding strength in the Lord when we are weak, and hearing how the Lord has blessed your lives. We are happy to be open and honest about our day-to-day struggles and hope that we can provide a safe and uplifting atmosphere for you to share yours!

Thanks for joining us and God bless you!


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