Music can change your life…

Just give it a try…


I enjoy listening to the catchy songs on the radio as much as anyone… Or listening to artists that just have amazing voices – like Buble and Adele – make my ears happy. But, sometimes the messages are just… well… garbage. You know what I’m talking about. Maybe it’s a song about sex, cheating, fame, drugs or gossip… Or even a combination! Sex isn’t a bad thing, but it doesn’t need to be blasted in intimate detail on the radio… Well, since I’ve been working on strengthening my relationship with God, I’ve found that kind of music to be empty, shallow and vain… It’s not fun to listen to anymore. In fact, it started making me feel uncomfortable. Catchy tunes weren’t enough anymore… I started craving real messages – messages of hope – messages of love and forgiveness – messages of inspiration and redemption. Can you see where I’m going with this? I’ve started listening to Christian radio. *GASP!* And it’s so awesome, I’m never going back. Before tuning into God via music, I had those catchy pop songs stuck in my head, but sometimes cringed at how awful the story was (if there was even enough substance to the song to label it as a story). Now? I get in the car, turn the radio on and immediately feel my heart smile.

Do you need encouragement? Do you need to feel loved? Do you need to know that you’re not alone? Do you need to be reminded that your life has purpose? Do you need help finding that purpose? Perhaps you’ve forgotten that Jesus died for us and everything that that means (and it means everything, by the way)… This music opens your eyes, heart, mind and soul. And what’s more? The singers have AMAZING voices too… The tunes are catchy… Their messages, however, are very different from what you’ll find on the hit radio stations. They’ll fill your cup, not empty it. They’ll leave you wanting more and feeling better for it, rather than wanting more, but feeling guilty that you want it (if you’re in touch with your conscience, that is).

Christian radio heals me and speaks to me… My current favorite song is by Matthew West, “Do Something.” It’s my favorite, because for weeks now, I’ve felt a pull in my heart to really get out there and put this love of God into action. I talked to Ernesto about wanting to do missionary work. While it’s not really possible for us to go abroad and help those living in extreme poverty situations, it struck me that there are people in THIS country that are suffering and living in some pretty tough conditions also. I mean, there are people living within an HOUR or two of me that really need help. I’ve been thinking about this non-stop for a while now and today, as I was driving the kids home from Elaina’s school, God decided I needed a little extra push again – “Do Something” came on the radio. I just burst into tears. I am one of those people who feels veeeeeery deeply and intensely. I probably looked like a hot mess to the cars around me, but I didn’t care… I know how insanely blessed and fortunate I am. I could give myself excuses as to why I’m not doing more with my life – I have two kids – schedules get hectic! Right? And family doesn’t live anywhere near, so I don’t have much in the way of relief if I need to go do something without the kids. And parenting is a lot! Raising tiny humans that love God and teaching them how to shine brightly in this world – how to be tiny beacons of hope for those around them? That’s an accomplishment right there, right? It’s enough, right? No… No more excuses and no more limits. I’m done limiting myself. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. See, I believe God puts things in our paths to help us… In this case, the Christian radio station fills me with hope and love. It fills me with purpose. And especially that song – it spoke straight to my heart. It cut right through all the excuses. I was putting so many things ahead of the calling that God has given me: to help people. Helping others – SERVING others – brings me joy. Gentle reminders of that through the radio are such a blessing… Now, I’m off to research all the amazing service organizations that are local to me. I suggest you do the same!

Also, next time you’re running errands or driving the kids to school (or whenever you feel the need to have great music playing in the background), switch over to your local Christian radio station. You know what’s really cool? Hearing your babies singing those songs… Elaina’s favorite thing right now is singing the jingle to our local station, WBGL. And she talks about Jesus and God. She’s 3, folks. A love for God can start so early. This is just one of MANY tools that you can use to present God to your kids.

The right kind of music can open your heart and mind in a way that can begin to change your life. So, switch over to the good stuff!

Thanks and God Bless!



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