Musical Muse: Fix My Eyes

This song is fun, with a great beat, but an even better message in the chorus. Be prepared to feel the need to dance!

If you want to watch them jam out in a live studio session, watch this video:

Or if you like the lyric version, watch this one!

See, Christian music doesn’t have to be “uncool” and it doesn’t all sound like hymnals (not that there’s anything wrong with hymnals… there are some absolutely beautiful melodies out there!). These guys, For King and Country, are Australian and they are insanely talented. The main singers are actually brothers (that come from a very musical family) – how cool is that – and they’ve made it their life mission to spread the word about our awesome God through not only music, but also indie films! “Priceless” is a movie about human trafficking that was released in October of 2016 and even though it may be uncomfortable to watch, I am going to watch it! You should check it out too – lean into the discomfort, my friends!


That’s all from me for now, but not the end of this band… They have multiple hits that I’ll be sharing in the future… Enjoy your day and bless someone today!

Love like you’re not scared. 

Give when it’s not fair.

Live life for another.

Take time for a brother.

Fight for the weak ones.

Speak out for freedom.

Find faith in the battle.

Stand tall.

And above it all, fix your eyes on God!

Thanks for joining me! God bless!




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