We’re Back!

And we know you missed us! (I’m KIDDING! Or am I……….)


Hi friends!

So, I’m making zero assumptions that anyone was hanging onto the edge of their seats waiting for another blog post from me… But I am sorry that I fell off the radar! It has been an overwhelming few weeks. We’ve had illness after illness (tis the season, am I right?), a birthday party for the little man (OMG he’s one year old?!? Whaaaaaat?), family visiting for almost a week, getting taxes done, oodles of church events and volunteering, etc… etc… It was too much! I’m ready for life to slooooooooow down a little… And to continue working on our Bible Study!

So, Marcus turned one… He’s so tiny! He’s in the 2% weight bracket. When people see him, they say, “Awwww your baby is so cute! Is he 8 months old?” *Sigh…* “Nope! He’s one! But he is a tiny fella.” He’s precious. Poor guy was suuuuper sick during his entire party. We put him in his high chair for his celebratory cupcake smash, started singing to him and he started screaming bloody murder, crying. He just felt awful! Turns out he had Roseola (a super contagious – but not dangerous – virus) and the following day spiked a fever that got up to almost 103. Fevers can be scary! Poor kid still isn’t eating much for me. But he’s starting to get back to his normal joyful self. I’m not going to lie… the snuggles have been AMAZING. But, I’m ready for my baby to be silly and happy again. He has a few favorite songs that he will actually dance to when he is well – which is one of the cutest things ever, btw – and right now, he just gets this brief excited ‘Ooooo’ face when the song comes on, then whimpers. He wants to dance, he just feels crummy! Here are a few pics of Marcus playing with some of his birthday gifts! And what his belly looks like with the Roseola rash (again, he’s perfectly ok. Ernesto refers to Roseola as “the fever that rashes”).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Elaina is having a blast at the Shedd Aquarium today! She went with Abuela, Tia Courtney and Tio Isaac. They came into town for spring break, but also for Marcus’ party this past weekend. They’ve been to the Field Museum, Museum of Science and Industry and the Ariana Grande Concert last night (well, Courtney and Isaac went. That’s not really Abuela’s scene). Today, they knew how much Elaina loves fishies (Moana and Finding Dory are on high demand in our house right now) and riding the train, so they were super excited to take her into the city. I’m staying home with Mr. Marcus Sicky-Pants – oh who am I kidding… I’m sick too! No fun… But what is fun? This picture of Elaina on the train with Tio Isaac (who looks less than amused to have his picture taken – HA!) and a picture with Abuela snuggling with babies.

So, even though life has been a whirlwind for us lately, things are starting to settle down a little. Thank God! But really, there is so much to be thankful for. My Markie-Moose turned one! He has a virus, but otherwise, he’s in perfect shape! We had so many wonderful friends come to his party. Elaina’s getting to go to the Aquarium. We got a MASSIVE tax return! And I think Ernesto might be reading the “Love Dare” because he has been acting strangely (in a very, very good way) lately. So many good things going on in our lives (way too many to list). Praise God! There were moments when I felt like giving up – like I had taken on too much – like I couldn’t handle getting less than 3 hours of sleep for another night (poor Marcus slept horribly for about 4 nights straight) – like I was all alone and nobody cared… We all occasionally have these thoughts and feelings… But God is good. He carried me through it and I prayed ALL THE TIME for the strength to get through the negativity, loneliness, stress, bitterness… I am not proud that those feelings and thoughts entered my mind, but I am proud that I didn’t act on them. It’s ok to have feelings, folks. Just don’t let them rule you. Pray to God for the strength and wisdom to handle any situation in a positive and uplifting way. God will come through every time, if you let him.

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

Mark 11:24, NIV


Looks like she had fun!!!

And now she’s worn out! She’ll sleep well tonight!


Anywho, I’ll be posting again soon! No more disappearing acts coming from this lady… I hope everyone is doing well and let me know what YOU’ve been up to the last few weeks!

Thanks and God bless!


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