To the Zoo!

Our day at the Brookfield Zoo!



Our visiting family is now returning to their good ol’ Kentucky home… So I’ve started cleaning up the house a bit, putting everything back in its place, enjoying the quiet (while also missing them!)… But I wanted to share with you all how much fun we had at the Brookfield Zoo yesterday!

I thought I loved the zoo. But Elaina loves the zoo so much, she’d probably like to live there. She’d live with the lemurs. No joke. Every single time we go, she wants to “be a lemur.” They have a place in the Hamill Family Play Zoo (an attraction in the zoo) where kids can wear vests with lemur tails attached – or they can dress up as a zoo staff member. They also happen to have face painting stations, so she MUST have a lemur face – a purple lemur to be exact.

The Hamill Family Play Zoo (HFPZ) has all kinds of fun things to do. The sand table pictured above has “fossils” that you can hide in the sand and brush away with special brushes. Elaina just likes to play with the sand, but it’s a neat activity. It’s in a greenhouse where the kids can water the plants with squirt bottles. Pretty neat!

The HFPZ also has a nursing mother’s room, which is nice and quiet and dark with pillows and a rocking bench. In the area right outside the mother’s room, they always have an animal that is designated for kids to pet. Oftentimes, it’s a bunny, guinea pig, snake, lizard, chicken (yes, really…), a cat, etc… The kids LOVE to pet the animals. The staff teach the kids about the animals and ask them questions. It’s a great experience. In the same room, there is a little table that the kids can do some watercolor painting.

Elaina-Lemur creating some beautiful artwork as Mommy was nursing Marcus…

Anyway, the HFPZ has enough activities to keep you busy for HOURS. And on cold days like yesterday, it was sooooo comfy and cozy. There is a charge to get in (some days it’s free!), but it’s worth it.

We got hungry, so we braved the cold and went to the food court near the PENGUINS! Poor Marcus was soooooo tired by the time we got there, he passed out in the Moby wrap, snuggled down in my super comfy giant coat (which, not so coincidentally is designed to fit little people inside for exactly this purpose). He was tired of riding in the stroller, so I stuck him in there to make it easier on my arms. Didn’t think he’d fall asleep, but boy was I wrong!

We had packed breakfast burritos, chicken quesadillas and PBJ for all of us. We are too cheap (read frugal) for Zoo food – it’s a little expensive! But boy, Abuela’s cooking is so good! I don’t think the food court could have competed anyway…

We visited the underwater dolphin exhibit (the dolphins were incredibly friendly), seals, feathers and scales, reptiles, the swamp, the pachyderms, the fragile desert, the big cats and many more….. We visited so many great exhibits! Elaina finally got to pet the goats in the Hamill Family Wild Encounters exhibit (we try to every time we go, but it’s the first time we’ve visited and it’s been open this year) and she brushed their coats! We also experienced a giant room full of parakeets (over 850!), who got spooked and flew from one end to the other, in a swarm, which was INTENSE!

Here are the rest of our photos from our fun day at the zoo, in no particular order!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I could go on and on about our fun day at the zoo – you know me… I’m a talker – but let’s just say we got there the minute they opened (not exaggerating) and left at closing. Seven hours at the zoo! We have already gotten our money’s worth from this membership! Can’t wait to go again soon!

And one more photo to close us out….


Adios de la Familia Cantu! I’m off to bathe the little ones and hopefully start dinner… before Ernesto gets home… That’d be nice, right? Ha!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. God bless!


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